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The Process

When an Event That Creates Incentive Opportunities has been identified, the process of incentive procurement begins. Here’s our process:


  • Initial Meeting – We meet with key company officials to gather information on the company, understand what factors are meaningful to their Site Selection decision, advise on what Types of Incentives are most beneficial, and set forth a road map.

  • Meeting With Government Officials – We meet with state and local government officials to advocate on your behalf. During this process, a company official may be asked to tell the company’s story.

  • Incentives Negotiation – We complete all the necessary paperwork to formally apply for incentives, and then negotiate to maximize economic development incentives.

  • Approvals – We assist in obtaining final approval of incentives, whether that be attending hearings or reviewing contracts.

  • Compliance – We assist with companies with ongoing Compliance to ensure that the negotiated incentives are actually received.


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